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Q Who should I call when I have a non-emergency complaint?

A Call your local precinct only if there is no need for police to respond. Otherwise, call 911

Q Where should I go to get a copy of an accident report? Does it cost anything?


You need to go to the Precinct of occurrence. A $10.00 fee is charged, cash or money order, no personal checks.

To obtain a copy of an auto accident online  Click here

Q How can I get fingerprinted?

A Any police precinct will fingerprint you for a fee of  $15.00 per fingerprint card.

Q How can I become a Nassau County Police Department Crossing Guard?


All interested candidates meeting the qualifications can obtain an application by clicking the link below:

                   Employment Inquiry - Crossing Guard

You can also obtain an application at any Nassau County Police Precinct.

Q How can I become a Nassau County Police Department Medic?


All interested candidates meeting the qualifications can obtain an application by clicking the link below:

                            Police Medic Application Form 

 You can also obtain an application at any Nassau County Police Precinct.

Pistol License

Q How do I obtain a Pistol License?


An individual must file an application, along with the necessary fees with the Pistol License Section located in Headquarters. The Pistol License Section will conduct a background investigation on the individual filing the application and upon satisfactory completion of the investigation they will be issued the Pistol License.

Pistol License Application Package 

Pistol License Handbook

Q What classes of Pistol License are available?


Classes of Pistol License are as follows:
Target/Hunting License
Business License
Restricted Business License for Security and Armored Car Guards 
Full Carry License
Retired Police Officer/Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officers
Retired Peace Officers

Q What are the fees associated with a Pistol License?


Pistol License Fees:
New Application:                 $ 200.00
NYS DCJS Fingerprint Fee:  $  89.75

     (Effective 10/1/2016, the DCJS Fingerprint Fee will be $87.00) 

Renewal:                             $ 200.00
Purchase Document:           $  10.00
Sale Document:                   $  10.00  
Status Change:                    $  10.00 
Other Amendments:            $  10.00
Transfer:                            $     5.00
Duplicate:                           $    5.00

Q Where is the NCPD Pistol License Section located?


The Nassau County Police Department Pistol License Section is located at:

Nassau County Police Department Headquarters
1490 Franklin Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501

Telephone:  (516) 573-7559
Fax:           (516) 573-7861 

Q What are the hours that the NCPD Pistol License Section is open to the public?



Monday & Friday                8:00 AM – 5:00 PM  

Tuesday & Thursday           9:00 AM – 7:00 PM  

Wednesday:                            CLOSED  

Q What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Pistol License holder?


Duties and responsibilities of a Pistol Licensee include, but are not limited to:

A Pistol Licensee is authorized to possess only the firearms listed on the license.

 A Pistol Licensee must be in possession of the Pistol License at all times while 
 carrying a firearm. The firearm carried must be registered on the Pistol License.
A Pistol Licensee shall not purchase a firearm prior to obtaining a purchase
document from the Nassau County Police Department, Pistol License Section.
A Pistol Licensee must safeguard firearms at all times, and must keep firearms
away from unauthorized persons, especially children. Firearms are to be stored in a
locked receptacle, preferably a safe or metal box permanently attached to a structure.
Access must be limited to the licensee, and the person designated by the licensee on the application as the person responsible to safeguard the firearms.

Burglar Alarm Permit

Q How do I renew my NCPD Burglar Alarm Permit?


Select "Burglar Alarm Permit Renewal" here or from the e-Service drop down menu. 

To renew your burglar alarm permit using the NCPD online system, you will need:

  •      The Alarm System Renewal Notice that you received in the mail
  •      A MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit card  
  •      A valid email address

On the Alarm System Renewal Notice, you will find your seven character PERMIT NUMBER which begins with either the letter R or N.  You will also find also find a six digit number in the shaded box labeled REFERENCE NUMBER.  You will need both of these numbers in order to renew your alarm permit.

Q Where can I obtain information regarding my NCPD burglar alarm permit?


The Nassau County Administrative Code mandates that ALL burglar alarms are required to have a permit issued by the Nassau County Police Department.                                                                                                                          

            Click here for complete information regarding your permit.  

Q Where can a find a Fine Schedule for excessive false burglar alarm activations?


The Nassau County Police are requested to respond to over 125,000 false alarms each year.  Alarm legislation was adopted in 1991 because of concerns over police officer safety and to eliminate the misuse of police resources, which results in a cost of millions of dollars annually.  Unfounded alarm calls reduce the police department's effectiveness and undermines our ability to respond to more critical calls.

           Click here for a fine schedule for excessive false alarm activations.

Q Where can I find a Fine Schedule for false activations if I do not have a permit?


Alarm legislation mandates alarm permits are required for ALL alarm systems.  Any person operating an alarm system without a permit shall be subject to a penalty fee for each alarm activation.

                 Click here for a Fine Schedule if I do not have a permit